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Nancy is a spirit practitioner and with a broad base of experiences, education and training that serves her well.  Nancy obtained her BA in European studies, and Art while in London, England and Italy, where many of her relatives reside today.   She returned to the U.S and had the opportunity to attend programs at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach,V.A. By 1994, Nancy became a medical massage therapist, a shiatsu practitioner and student of herbalism. She is an avid student of many aspects of mediumship, and astrology since 2006. She continues to study aspects of shamanism and somatic therapy and teaches privately.

While working as a case worker in social services she met some great mentors. One is a sound/chakra therapist and shared the use of tuning forks, gemstones, essential oils, kinesiology, acupuncture, and sacred geometry.  Along this timeline Nancy was introduced to the practice of meditative yoga at an ashram in upstate New York. Additionally she was introduced alternate types of mind body-therapy, and pendulum work. All the while Nancy maintained her connection to her religious upbringing form her childhood.

Nancy endured some of intense accidents and some serious near misses in her lifetime. She continued to blaze through undiagnosed brain injuries, invasive operations and chronic illness. Each time she has rebounded again and again with the help of God and her family and friends. 

As part of her life story she has chosen to embrace and heal trauma on many levels. She has explored cutting therapies to compliment mainstream medicine. Whatever she has endured or leaned is passed along to those who find her, which is only by word-of-mouth.

During her youth Nancy was struck by a car and later rear-ended a few times while at stop lights. She missed the terrible Lockerbie, Scotland flight and decided not to take the job at the Twin Towers. 

After walking onto a rotten deck that collapsed in 1999, she felt the presence of her guardian angels lift her off the ground while bodies were cascading and down upon her.  Afterward, she had a knowingness about people if they stood by her and more detailed if they touched her.  It was alarming to her that at every time she was about to complete something, a serious potentially life altering event occurred.  She started investigating her astrology chart, and many other areas of “why” .  She was very connected to church and is still very tied to her dear friend in spirit Father Vincent!

As she searched for answers on her journey she met medium and he took her to Lily Dale. After that she studied with a variety of wonderful teachers and healers that are way too long to mention.

Today, she is still an avid seeker of knowledge and believes there is always something to learn. She is in a teacher training program and loves to put a creative spin on just about everything.

The services she offers are coaching session, medical intuitive reading, soul reading, or psychic mediumship.  She uses different tools that she has created and the sessions are tailored by intuition, spirit and sometimes a blend of what the client needs.  She also draws from Source and her various trainings, her spirit self and healing nature. 

You basically get it all. I don’t think Nancy would have any other way!